About US

Treasure Coast High School (TCHS), founded during the 2006 – 2007 school year, is one of St. Lucie County’s most recent additions to the School District. The Class of 2008 was the first TCHS graduating class. TCHS is the school home of approximately 2600 students, grades 9-12.

Vision, Mission, and Beliefs

Our vision is grounded in a belief that any student can be successful during their high school experience when immersed in a caring, challenging, and relevant learning environment. The organizational structure of our school and numerous academic courses have been thoroughly researched and established based on Breaking Ranks II research. Our faculty and staff are selected based on their expertise and desire to help students succeed. It is our sole desire to witness the success of each student. Our pledge is to make sure each student at TCHS has a unique and fulfilling experience.

Our mission is to serve as a positive force in the education of young people, with the ultimate purpose of

 creating successful students.  The education-focused mission of school athletics is significantly different from the entertainment-oriented objectives of professional and college sports.  The guiding principles of school sports programs should be to develop the qualities of sportsmanship, integrity, respect for others, teamwork, leadership, aspiration, work ethic, personal accountability, physical fitness, and a healthy lifestyle within all student athletes.

The pursuit of victory is important, but only to the extent that winning contributes to these higher, character building goals of sport.  Participating in and/or attending  school athletic events is a privilege conditioned on sportsmanlike conduct.

Our Athletic Department has produced stellar athletes in all sports.  You will see many of our graduates playing for some of the best colleges in the United States.